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August 3, 2021

Known for their amazing burgers and shakes, Shake Shack is easily one the most beloved fast food chains in the country. It's also home of the Shackburger — one of the most popular, and yummy, burgers in America. Here's what makes the Shackburger so delicious.

Shack chose to pair their world famous Shackburgers with pillowy potato buns. For Shake Shack's chefs, it's all about texture. Culinary director, Mark Rosati , also had this to add:

"We want the bun to be nice and soft and tender."

If you're wondering how Shake Shack's buns get so soft, the burger company owes it to Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe, a family-owned bakery based in Pennsylvania. The Shake Shack chefs stick to what they know best and let the professionals handle their buns.

Shake Shack also butters and toasts their buns to add another layer of textural variance to each bite. Shake Shack recommends buttering the inside of each half and toasting it face-down on the skillet. In doing this, according to Rosati, you get a nice soft bun on the outside, while also creating a crispy interior.

Keep watching to see We Finally Know Why Shake Shack's Shackburger Is So Delicious.

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All about the buns | 0:00
Cooked in cast iron | 1:12
Only the fattiest, freshest meat | 2:06
The smash | 3:09
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Magic seasoning | 4:49

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